Saturday, 15 January 2011

TF2 Pub vs Pro, Christmas and Shopping

On the official site, they seem to be having a pub vs pro event where players in the public take on a team of professional TF2 players. I was wondering what the skill differences are going to be, and if anyone here plays professionally?

I completely missed the Christmas event, unfortunately. My desktop for gaming has decided to die, so I've been left TF2-less for about a month or two now. I'd like to hear some stories of what happened at Christmas, and what new items were found...

ALSO, I want a poll of opinions on the TF2 item store. I know many people stopped playing when they introduced it, but I also know of a few people who use it to buy the weapons they want for their class. I personally don't have any strong feelings about it, I can see how it'd be useful and also how it's an easy way of Valve to make their pockets a bit heavier...


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  2. you dont happen to own the TF2 forums by any chance?